small-groupThe 90-Day Transformation with Small Group Training

FemmeFitness is proud to be the only facility in the immediate area to have the Queenax, the world’s most unique modular functional training system, a revolutionary piece of equipment all the way from Italy, and a gym in itself. Based on the principles of Functional Training, Queenax is a ready playground for pushing, pulling, and playing your way to fitness, making exercise fun by adding an element of play to your favorite routines. From core work to resistance training to high-intensity intervals, this carefully designed comprehensive workout builds endurance and


targets every major muscle group while defining your body from head to toe. There are over 300 exercises that can be done with the Queenax! The possibilities are endless.

Functional training with the Queenax:

Our expert fitness coaches will push you through innovative, high-intensity group workouts. Each group is made up of 4-6 participants to maximize individual attention from your personal Queenax Coach.

Benefits of small group training:

  • Gain energy and motivation by working with others with similar goals
  • Max of 6 participants per session allows for focus on form and safety
  • Share the cost of personal training making for a more affordable option while still receiving a full fitness workout

Why Functional?

Functional fitness has been one of the hottest movements in fitness for the last ten years. And now, with the arrival of the Queenax, functional training can be taken to an entirely new level.

Functional fitness is exactly what the name implies: exercises that train your muscles to synergistically work together and prepare them for real-life activity by simulating common movements you might perform at home, at work, or in sports. That is what makes “functional” fitness functional – it improves your ability to function in the real world. Another way to think of it is that functional fitness tends to be non-linear. Functional exercises require you to move your body in 3D space in a natural way. This might sound easy, but like most real-life tasks, it can surprisingly challenging (wait until you try the monkey bars!) This type of training combines high-intensity, calorie-blasting intervals and body weight strengthening. It basically hits all body parts making your workout more effective and efficient with less strain on your joints. Unlike the more traditional approach to strength training such as using a bicep curl machine, which only works one muscle group with movements are controlled and linear, you use your entire body to do different variations of workouts.